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The AS ONE CONTACT PERSON DATABASE is a global climate change information dissemination initiative.


It is not an NGO or Action Group, and it has no other purpose or agenda other than to disseminate information regards protests and other climate change actions to NGOs and Action Groups etc, for the purpose of increasing rally attendances

The AS ONE CONTACT PERSON DATABASE initiative should result in a large number of climate change protests, actions and initiatives gaining global participation and support from millions of climate change activists around the world.

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To add your CONTACT PERSON for your Climate Action Group to the AS ONE CONTACT PERSON DATABASE simply fill out the form below.


At the same time we would ask you to consider, if you can, making a small contribution towards the compilation of both the database and weekly newsletter. $20 would help us considerably, however $5 or $10 would be gratefully received with much thanks.​ However we understand many small groups do not have any financial means. Hence it is definitely not necessary that you contribute if your group cannot.


It is however critically important every group, big and small, in every country adds their contact person to this global information dissemination initiative, so please, even if you are not in a position to contribute, still add your contact person to the database

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